Procedures and Perspective, Part 1

Whether big or small, an organization has several divisions or players, each with their own respective procedures.  How they interrelate will have an impact on your operations and the ultimate success of your business.  The first step is to determine the following:

s        Do they know what their procedures are?

s        Is there a written resource for training, reference or a best practices document?

s        Are employees following the procedures or is the actual processes different than that stated?

s        Are the procedures consistent across divisions?

s        Are resources across divisions updated when changes are made?

s        Do they understand how their work affects your product or service?

Stay tuned for how to use this information to improve your business.

 Schooner Group is ready to assist you by assessing current business and identifying and controlling critical operations in order to improve the overall health and success of the business.  Once we get into the project, the business owner(s) recognizes the value of understanding and controlling the processes within the various aspects of their business.  Call today to arrange a free meeting to discuss your individual needs.

©2012 Schooner Group, Inc.


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